The Essential Guide To Navigating Life With Baby

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Though brief, the weeks’ following the birth of your baby is a time of amazing intensity and massive adjustment. Your body transforms – yet again – your heart is bursting with emotions you have never experienced, your stamina is tested like never before, and you’re surrounded by an overwhelming amount of new and unfamiliar. It’s a profound transition, without a doubt. And, how it unfolds can have a profound impact on the well being of you as a new mom, your partner and your relationship.

This workshop will help you feel more prepared for the transition by focusing on what you need to thrive as a new mom and family.

You have put so much love and attention to planning your baby’s birth…and his/her nursery, now it’s time to plan for the Fourth Trimester. 

Topics Include: 

  • Creating your postpartum checklist

  • Shifting the “do it all” mindset

  • postpartum mental/emotional health

  • ‘Baby proofing’ your relationship

  • Creating your Village

  • Healing your postpartum body

 Facilitated by:

  • Jodi Tiller, MSW – Psychotherapist with nearly 20 years experience helping moms and families transition to life with baby with confidence and calm.

Price: $29 + hst or 10% discount for unlimited prenatal pass holders (discount applies automatically on check-out with active pass)
Time:  12:30-2:30 pm

2019 Workshop Dates