“Rebirth’s Stroller Bootcamp has been awesome! I joined a few months after my son was born as a a way to get moving again and get out and about! I loved it so much, I keep coming back... The added bonus of fitness, nutrition, mom and baby tips and tricks has been a great resource! Strongly recommend to first, second, third...time moms!” —  Shannon Z
“Following the birth of my first child, Rebirth Wellness motivated me to get out of the house and to get healthy. The Rebirth Wellness Team was easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable, and made both my 3 month old daughter and I feel comfortable, even in my post-pregnancy body... Thanks for giving me my confidence back!” — Stephanie K
“I loved getting out for Stroller! It is a great way to get fit and connect with other moms! Getting back into shape is hard after having a baby and it is awesome being able to workout with other moms going through similar post baby experiences!!” — Kim B
“I took stroller boot camp this summer after the birth of my second child. It was my second class at rebirth and again I had a wonderful experience. After my second baby I found that the motivation to do something for myself, let alone something physical was very much lacking... that was until I joined stroller boot camp. My instructor... was exceptional at providing the motivation to push myself. Knowing that she herself had two children of similar age was especially comforting, as no one really quite understands the physical and psychological challenges of being a mother like another mother. After attending my first trial class I was hooked. It truly was a great experience getting to meet so many other new moms while at the same time doing something for myself. The instructor always provided many options for our workouts so I could do things to my own comfort level, although they do a great job of motivating you to try to push yourself harder. I wanted to write this because I know that this stroller boot camp was the platform that began my physical and psychological recovery after child birth... a great source of inspiration and friendship, and I highly recommend it!” — N.G
“I started Stroller Bootcamp in Spring of 2013 and after the first class I was hooked! The class was fun, challenging, dynamic and my favourite part... it was outdoors! As a mum we all know we spend our days making decisions from morning (3am sometimes!) to night and Stroller Bootcamp was an hour and half where I didn’t have to make the decisions! I was able to spend this time with my babe surrounded by other strong women enjoying myself and trying out new things! I was surprised not only by how fit I was becoming (I got into better shape than before I became pregnant!) but by the relationships I was forming with other mums! Stroller Bootcamp for me was more than just sweating daily... It became more about uplifting myself and the other strong women around me!” — Cas M.