Sleep Baby Sleep with Brooke Hohenadel

How well does your family sleep?

If you cannot answer GREAT, nor remember the last time you or your children slept through the night (10-12 hours straight for our little ones), then this class is for you!

Brooke’s passion for sleep, coupled with her knowledge of the science behind sleep, combines for an amazingly educational and inspiring discussion on how to teach your kids to love sleep as much as you do (even if that seems impossible right now).

Why invest in sleep?

Of course, we know that sleep is important but did you know that your baby’s brain stores what they have learned that day during their deep stages of sleep? There is a very strong relationship between sleep and brain development and doctors suggest sleeping a minimum of 10 hours per night from birth to age 3 to encourage healthy brain development. If kids aren’t sleeping long hours without waking then they aren’t getting the proper deep sleep they need. The good news is that babies can repay sleep debts and get back on track quickly, some just need a little guidance so they can learn to love sleep too.

Topics covered include:
· Sleep 101- the basics of sleep for your little ones,
· Sleep needs at different ages and when to transition naps,
· Why your baby isn’t sleeping and how to change that for good,
· Sleep Regressions- why and when they happen and how to avoid,
· Teething, illness and travel tips, and
· Transitioning from 1 child to 2, room sharing and when to move from a crib to a big bed.

We already make sure our kids eat healthy, get activity time and are well loved and supported, the last piece to that puzzle is a good night’s sleep!

Discussions will be aimed towards babies between 3-18 months. Partners welcome.

2019 dates: Jan 16th, Feb 13th Time: 10-11am

Cost: $30