We lead such busy lives. We stretch ourselves to achieve more and meet the demands of our ambitions, our families, our responsibilities. When do we rest? When to we take time to refuel? Recharge? Replenish? Restorative yoga may feel very different than other types of yoga, in that once you are in a supported pose, you have nothing to do but rest and receive. Your body will slowly let go of the tensions in your life and habitual patterns of holding will melt away. This is a gentle practice of self-nurturing, nourishment for the weary body and spirit. And…while you rest, I will sing sweet songs and soothing mantras to you. Lullabies for grown ups!

6-week session: Tuesday April 9 to May 21st (no class April 30th)
7:00-8:15 pm
Rachel McGarry
Price: 6-week session $108 + hst or Drop-in rate $20 + hst