Do you want a core and pelvic floor that work, that feel right and that do their job? Our specialized “Restore your Core” program will reconnect you both emotionally and physically with your inner core muscles so that you can have the confidence and ability to get back to the activities that you enjoy.

This program will benefit anyone looking to restore their core, whether you are a new mom gearing up for bootcamp or you had your babies years ago!

Here’s what you get:

  • An assessment for diastasis recti

  • Learn and perform exercises that target your deepest core muscles that the key to a stronger and flatter tummy and help restore pelvic floor function so that you can put a stop those pesky leaks

  • 5 minute exercises to do at home

  • One-on-one guidance specific to your needs in a small group setting

  • Nutrition tips to help nourish your healing body

Important Information for Class:
*Pre-requisites: To register for this class you must be a minimum of 8 weeks post partum, and have had a baseline assessment with a pelvic floor physiotherapist. If you have questions regarding your suitability for this class, please contact us at

Babies are welcome to attend (under 12 months).  

2019 Dates
Tuesdays, 3:00 to 4:00 pm
Jillian Welsh
Price: $99 for 6 week session (6 classes)

  • April 2 to May 7

  • July 23 to August 27

  • October 15 to November 19

Website update: Nov 26, 2018