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The Fourth Trimester: The Essential Guide to Navigating Life With Baby

Though brief, the weeks’ following the birth of your baby is a time of amazing intensity and massive adjustment. Your body transforms – yet again – your heart is bursting with emotions you have never experienced, your stamina is tested like never before, and you’re surrounded by an overwhelming amount new and unfamiliar. It’s a profound transition, without a doubt. And, how it unfolds can have a profound impact on the well being of you as a new mom, your partner and your relationship.

This workshop will help you feel more prepared for the transition by focusing on what you need to thrive as a new mom and family.

You have given so much love and attention to planning your baby’s birth…and his/her nursery, now it’s time to plan for the Fourth Trimester. 

Topics Include: 

  • Creating your postpartum checklist

  • Shifting the “do it all” mindset

  • postpartum mental/emotional health

  • ‘Baby proofing’ your relationship

  • Creating your Village

  • Healing your postpartum body

 Facilitated by:

  • Jodi Tiller, MSW – Psychotherapist with nearly 20 years experience helping moms and families transition to life with baby with confidence and calm.

  • Adrienne MacDonald – Postpartum Doula with the biggest heart and even bigger tool kit to help new parents thrive. Mama of three.

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Push Prep 101

Hey there beautiful mama-to-be!

Do you need a little boost of confidence as you prepare for labour and birth? Join us for our NEWest workshop designed for expectant mamas! Push Prep 101. (cue salt-n-pepa 'push it!').

Join Angela Growse, sought after Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist (and Mama of 2) to learn practical 'how to' information about the pushing phase of labour. This is ESSENTIAL information that is often overlooked when learning about birth. You will learn information to help you effectively guide (push) your beautiful baby into the world with confidence. Often first time mamas assume the pushing phase of labour will come naturally or it's the part of labour they fear most. If that's you, join us for this amazing workshop. You will learn: multiple labour and birth positions, how to 'listen to your body' - cues and ways to make this stage of labour more effective, (and hopefully shorter!) and you will have the opportunity to 'practice' pushing so you can feel the difference between effective and ineffective pushing. This workshop is ideal for first, second or sixth time parents!

$25 (includes expectant mama and birth partner)

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Sing You To Sleep Restorative Yoga

Even though we sleep, we rarely take time to relax. Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort and the mind is quiet. It is a skill that requires intention and attention. Restorative yoga helps us learn to relax deeply and completely by placing the body in comfortable supported poses, allowing the breath to deepen and the mind to slow. It cultivates a habit of attention where you learn to identify how and where you hold tension and consciously release it. Deep relaxation allows the body to devote time and energy to healing and restoring its natural rhythms.

Adults only. Both men and women welcome.

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