Hey there beautiful mama-to-be!

Do you need a little boost of confidence as you prepare for labour and birth? Join us for our NEWest workshop designed for expectant mamas! Push Prep 101. (cue salt-n-pepa 'push it!').

Join Angela Growse, sought after Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist (and Mama of 2) to learn practical 'how to' information about the pushing phase of labour. This is ESSENTIAL information that is often overlooked when learning about birth. You will learn how to effectively guide (push) your beautiful baby into the world with confidence. Often first time mamas assume the pushing phase of labour will come naturally or it's the part of labour they fear most. If that's you, join us for this amazing workshop. You will learn: multiple labour and birth positions, how to 'listen to your body' - cues and ways to make this stage of labour more effective, (and hopefully shorter!) and you will have the opportunity to 'practice' pushing so you can feel the difference between effective and ineffective pushing. This workshop is ideal for first, second or sixth time parents!

Important Information for Class: Dress comfortably because we will be practising. One birth partner is welcome to attend to learn how to support you during this part of labour.

2019 Dates
7:30 to 8:45 pm
Angela Growse
Price: $25 (includes expectant mama and birth partner)

  • January 14

  • March 4

  • April 29

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