Professional Coaching

Align with your values. Connect with your purpose. Ignite your vision. Honour your Inner Leader. 

Go make it happen.  There is no time like the present. 

Katie Wright brings a holistic coaching experience to the table. She creates heart-centred action, aka, “heart moves”. Coaching conversations centre around: career, romance, family-friends, fun, health, money ... and more. Body, mind & spirit are used as resources. They are remarkable tools. 

Coaching isn’t consulting because there isn't fixing or problem solving on the coach's part. It differs from therapy because there isn't analyzing of the past. It's about looking ahead and making intentional choices for what’s to come. Coach asks deep, powerful questions; coachee discovers the resonant solution on their own. 

For those living their dream, and blazing a trail, coaching is valuable as it offers space to quiet the mind, and strengthen YOU, so you can show up at your best in all life facets. Set a healthy, genuine example, and keep turning the dial for endless evolvement. 

Who is Coaching for?

It’s particularly powerful for those in search of: 
-    creating a new story aligned with their purpose
-    space to re-connect with themself
-    setting a legacy example – making a stellar impact on this earth. 

Parents, especially, are faced with a myriad of challenges and demands, which leaves little time for taking action on goals, let alone dreaming about it.  Coaching provides the space to check out, ignite the vision, and fulfill intentions ... be who you are meant to be.  

Individual One-On-One Coaching

In-person: $170 per session
Phone | Virtual: $150 per session  

Rate includes: coaching session (lasting up to 60 mins), e-mail summary session with homework, supportive check-ins between sessions. 

This is an investment in your personal care and growth. You are worth every dollar spent. 

Company Coaching

Bring coaching to the workplace ... take care of your people. 

Coaching adds humanity to the work dynamic fostering a culture that’s ‘human to human’ not ‘role to role’. 

Watch the company and its people take off. Attract & retain talent, improve team energy, develop team members, increase productivity, grow, be different..  

* A company coaching plan is designed based upon company objectives. Inquire with Katie for rates and additional information. 

Back to Work Coaching Workshop

Schedule: Sundays, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm or Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Location: Gathering Place, Rebirth Wellness Center
Price: $40 + HST

Discounts: Monthly Pass Holders receive 10% off - when booking online the discount will be automatically applied

Katie Wright, CPCC - Professional Coach

There is a strong need across the planet for human beings to live a life aligned with their values and purpose – a space to quiet the busy mind, and self-sabotaging voice so they may courageously speak their authentic voice and share their talent. I got into coaching because I had a voice to share.  Though immersed in the business world for over a decade, I started my journey into coaching in 2013 with the Coaches Training Institute, an internationally acclaimed training platform, and became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach in 2015. I did this while caring for my own small babe.  As a mom of two healthy young boys, I know it takes a lot of strength and courage to step outside the ordinary and into the life of desire. Both motherhood & entrepreneurship call on this strength and courage daily. 

Aside from helping to create a heart-centred, resonant population, fully experiencing my two boys and setting aside time to nourish ‘me’ is where I am supposed to be right now. This allows me to show-up as a healthy mix of knowing what’s right, combined with the stamina to get things done. I promise to push you toward your vision, hold you accountable to your desire, give you the space to figure it out, challenge your limits, and honour your inner leader. Live in harmony – fulfilled, at peace, confident, and strong. 

“This coaching thing is rich stuff. It’s putting big hearts on the world. It’d be a pleasure to sit alongside and watch you shine.” - Katie