rebirth's vision is to be a village where parents-to-be and new parents get what they need in mind, body, and heart to really thrive as parents. we believe when parents are healthy and happy, children are healthy and happy. we also believe that parents shouldn't 'go it alone.' they need a sense of community as they navigate the incredible journey of parenthood. rebirth is the non-judgemental, love-filled community parents need and deserve.

our ultimate vision is to create shifts in our culture. big picture kinda stuff. we live in a very baby-focused culture that celebrates all things baby. a culture where 1 in 5 mothers experience postpartum depression and anxiety. rebirth is on a mission to ensure the love, support and celebration offered to babies, is also offered to mothers and parents. a culture that offers mothers love rather than judgement…where mothers are encouraged to nurture their needs, not just the needs of their baby. a culture where mothers are kind to themselves because they live in a society that is kind to them. a culture that acknowledges and respects the significant role mothers play in the health and well being of their children and therefore, our future. 

we're here for you when you need us. you'll be welcomed with a warm cup of tea and a ton of love.

we look forward to seeing you xo

founder, psychotherapist, mother