Join sleep specialist Dr. Corrine Seeley to educate yourself, “fill your sleep tool box”, and give yourself confidence establishing healthy sleep across the first year.  According to research, new and expecting parents who are educated in infant sleep is linked to better sleepers by 6 months. 

This comprehensive workshop includes 120 minutes of video instruction, slides + 3 bonus videos:

Module 1:  From Womb to World (Newborn Sleep) (50 mins)

  • Sleep in utero

  • The newborn system

  • Newborn sleep needs

  • Avoiding day/night confusion

  • Top tricks to settle a fussy newborn

  • Forming realistic expectations

Module 2:  Help! Changes are Happening….. (Newborn to Infancy) (60 mins)

  • The truth about sleep regressions

  • Developmental sleep changes from newborn to infancy

  • Getting to know your child’s tired cues

  • Establishing routine – when, how and why

  • The power of naps

  • Access to the handout “sleep chart of averages

Module 3: Independent Sleep and Building Your Sleep Story (50 mins) 

  • When can I expect longer stretches?

  • The “self-soothing” brain and how it develops

  • Sleep props and transition tools

  • Gentle tips for encouraging independence early

  • Gradual techniques vs. cry-it-out: what the research says

  • Building your own sleep story

Bonus Videos (90 mins)

  • Sleep During Pregnancy: 10 tips to improve sleep during pregnancy (20 minutes)

  • Sleep Safety Basics: Reducing SIDS risk, product safety & swaddling (40 minutes)

  • Finding your new normal: Six tips to stay rested with a newborn (30 minutes)

Cost: $59

Sleep Testimonials

Before having our little one we went to one of Dr.Seeley’s sleep workshops to learn about what to expect and newborn sleep. We found that once she arrived we were able to navigate those early weeks much smoother armed with the knowledge from that workshop. Our little one has slept great at night since day one and we credit that to knowing when to put her down for a nap thanks to the advice from Dr. Seeley! It also helped us feel more confident as new parents which can be such an overwhelming time! We came back for the infant sleep workshop to ensure we were ready for how sleep changes as little ones get a bit older and learn how to establish great sleep habits. Thank you for all the information- we are a well rested family
— Kaitlin, Mother

About Dr Corrine Seeley (Ph.D., M.Sc., B.A.) Sleep Specialist


Dr. Corrine Seeley obtained her Ph.D. in Sleep Neuroscience from Queens University, specializing in the role of sleep in brain development. She has published many research articles in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals and has given many public and university level lectures on the topic, including teaching a university level ‘sleep’ course.  After 10 years studying and teaching sleep she had a son of her own and quickly realized how important sleep was for the growth and well-being of her child, and the entire family unit.  She also noticed how little sleep education there was families and how many moms had questions about sleep and nobody to give them proper support. Now, as a paediatric sleep practitioner, she is devoted to making sleep education more widespread and helping families establish healthy sleep habits using natural, realistic and gentle approaches. Her practice is highly focused on parental education, a method that has been proven to be equally effective as cry-it-out methods. It is her mission to make this knowledge accessible to all new and expecting parents, and help them feel empowered navigating the wild world of infant sleep.