In this webinar, you will learn basic tips to help you recover from your Cesarean birth.  Topics will include the basics of when/how to get back to exercise as well as techniques to improve mobility and decrease pain/sensitivity of the Cesarean scar. 

Hosted by one of our lovely, physiotherapists, Jaclyn Seebach. (and 4x Cesarean momma!)

This workshop has been created for mama’s at any stage of postpartum as well as prenatal mama's who are preparing for a scheduled C-Section, or the possibility of having one. We welcome anyone willing to participate come to gain knowledge and apply these strategies "down the road" when they are fully appropriate! 

The goal of this workshop is to address the most common questions physiotherapists get asked regarding cesarean birth and recovery. It aims to clarify conflicting information surrounding recovery progression and will provide you with a solid overview for exercise post-c-section, from early post-op to higher levels of activity such as running, high impact and heavy lifting. 

Exercise discussed will not be in a prepackaged "exercise program" but aim to serve as examples that reinforce appropriate types of exercise at different post-op stages.

Additional Topics Include: 

Scar management: Learn how to mobilize your scar to prevent pain/dysfunction. Considerations for advanced scar management.

Preparing for future births/c-sections: What are the current considerations or factors for vaginal birth after c-section; useful tips for those first few days post-op that you wish you’d known the first time around.

Other considerations such as the impacts of surgery on breastfeeding, bonding, and weight management.

2019 Dates:

Wednesday October 23rd - 1:00-1:40pm

Wednesday November 27th - 1:00-1:40pm

Cost: $29