Motherhood is no easy task. As a mother your body has changed so much is such a short amount of time making some everyday tasks harder, plus you now have your growing baby to look after too. If you agree with this, Momma Movement is the workshop series for you!


Join Courtney Fairholm, a fourth-year kinesiology student at Western, to learn about how to conquer your everyday motherhood movements. After birth, your baby becomes the center of attention leaving the mama to sometimes be overlooked but, in these classes, we will be focusing on you! These workshops acknowledge some of the injuries you may encounter through motherhood and how to be mindful of lifestyle habits to stop these injuries from happening (or to help alleviate any pain you may already be experiencing). You will learn and practice: how to hold and move with your growing baby, posture, movements and daily tasks, and muscular failure points. Basically we will be troubleshooting all the things you do day to day - cribs, car seats, carriers and more. Let’s make strong healthy habits NOW. This workshop series is ideal for first, second or sixth time mamas!

Important Information for Class: These classes are for our post-partum mamas. Dress comfortably because we will be practising. Babies are welcome to attend. Class size is capped at 10 people, so please register early.


Time: 12:30 to 1:30 pm
● Lesson 1 & 2: February 5
● Lesson 3 & 4: February 12

● Lesson 1: January 31
● Lesson 2: February 7
● Lesson 3 & 4: February 14*
February 14 will be 1 hour to cover lessons 3 and 4.


Time: 12:30 to 1:00 pm
● Lesson 1: February 26
● Lesson 2: March 5
● Lesson 3: March 19
● Lesson 4: March 26

March (no class the week of March 11th for March Break)

● Lesson 1: February 28
● Lesson 2: March 7
● Lesson 3: March 21
● Lesson 4: March 28