Dreamfeed Clinic

Welcome to the Dreamfeed Clinic, a place that offers one-on-one support from both our Breastfeeding Counsellor, Rebecca Robertson and Paediatric Sleep Specialist, Dr. Corrine Seeley. The goal of the clinic is for parents to leave with a customized solution plan, their questions answered, and the tools to feel confident moving forward to achieve great sleep while maintaining their breastfeeding goals!

Who is the Dreamfeed Clinic for?

This clinic is for any nursing parent with a babe in the first year of life who is struggling or has questions/concerns about how to maintain healthy sleep and breastfeeding routines. Parents can come at any stage of their little ones development, solution plans will be tailored to the individual needs and age of each child. 

Dates: Every Thursday, starting Feb 16, 2017
Time: 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (last appointment book at 2:30 PM)
Price: $100 + hst for a 60 minute appointment. This appointment includes a 30-minute breastfeeding consult and a 30-minute sleep consult. As well as an individualized plan to address any breastfeeding or sleep concerns you may have.

The clinic is open to everyone and no initial consultation is necessary.  

To schedule an appointment you can call Rebirth at 226-663-3243, or you can also review appointment availability and book online.

Click on the "Book Now" button below to search our appointment schedule and book your appointment. You will be taken to Mindbody, our appointment & class booking system.  If it's your first time on the Mindbody site, you will be asked to log-in by creating a username and profile. 

FAQs about the Dreamfeed Clinic

1.  I have a 3 month old, so is this the right clinic for me?  How about I just see my doctor and ask these questions?

Yes, this clinic is right for you! So much of the first year is about feeding and sleeping. At our clinic, you can ask questions about all your breastfeeding and sleep concerns in a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere with our Breastfeeding and Sleep experts. You'll leave feeling supported and nourished, with a concrete plan where you feel confident to gently guide your little one to healthy breastfeeding and sleep routines.  We are here to support you on your journey of parenthood. If you need to talk, then we're here to listen.  And yes, if you have concerns you should see your doctor too, this clinic compliments the care of your primary health provider.  

2. I just woke up from a terrible night and I need some help, so how quickly can I book in?

The clinic runs every Thursday, and is either as a drop-in or by appointment. You can call us at 226-663-3243 anytime to check drop-in availability, or book in advance. You can also check for appointment openings using our booking app and book online that way. Clinic schedule is open several weeks in advance for early booking.  

3. What kind of questions can I expect to have answered at the clinic?

Common questions that may be addressed could include:

  • What are the nutritional needs of my child and how do I ensure these needs are met to their fullest capacity?
  • How can I encourage great sleep while ensuring these needs and my breastfeeding goals are met? 
  • Is my child waking at night for hunger or comfort?
  • What are some gentle ways to guide my baby toward independent sleeping while still having their comfort needs met?
  • How can I set up a great sleep and feeding schedule that is right for my child?
  • How can I use their cues to help guide their needs?

4. Is there paperwork?

Yes, all visitors will be required to complete a client intake form prior to our meeting to gather information on your babes feeding and sleep patterns. This can be done in advance or upon arrival while awaiting your appointment time.

5. How much does it cost?

The price is $100 + hst per clinic visit. The appointment is one-on-one, and includes a 30-minute consultation with our breastfeeding counsellor Rebecca Robertson, and 30-minutes with our paediatric sleep specialist, Dr. Corrine Seeley. This cost also includes an individualized plan to take home which will help you and your little one to nurse on and sleep well. You can pay by cash, debit, VISA, or Mastercard. You can pay at reception after your appointment. Or you can pay online or over the phone.

6. Can I bring my partner, or friend for support? 

Yes, you absolutely can bring your partner or support person. The support you have with you everyday is so important in creating a cohesive approach for breastfeeding and sleep. When everyone is on board with, believes in, and trusts the plan, it always goes more smoothly. So we encourage you to bring whomever you need to ensure things go well. And having two people hear the plan is great at helping to solidify the changes when you set them in motion.

7. Will I be encouraged to "sleep train" or night wean my baby?

No!  Breastfeeding, and in particular night feeding, is an important piece to great sleep on so many levels. Not to mention night feeding is a big piece to maintaining milk supply, and helping babes to feel safe and connected. You will never be pressured to drop all night feeds, or use methods of encouraging babe to sleep independently that don't fit with your parenting style. This clinic is designed to follow your baby's cues, and build on what they are capable of, using gentle guidance and support.

8. I'm not sure I have both sleep and breastfeeding concerns, am I able to book with only one practitioner?

No. During the Dreamfeed clinic the appointments run with both practitioners. We find that many nursing parents benefit from addressing both of these pieces together, and thus see the most improvement this way. So for the Thursday Dreamfeed Clinic appointments will include both consultants. However, If you want more directed support on either breastfeeding or sleep, both of practitioners have independent service packages to meet your needs.


Rebecca Robertson our breastfeeding counselor, offers one-on-one consults where you can address any and all breastfeeding concerns, and ensure you are able to meet your breastfeeding goals. You can find more information, and book here.  Rebecca also offers a prenatal breastfeeding workshop to help expectant parents feel confident with the tools they need before babe arrives, further information can be found here.

Dr. Corrine Seeley, our paediatric sleep specialist, offers one-on-one customized solution plans and support to help guide your child towards great sleep. You can find further information for one-on-one consult packages here.  She also offers group workshops for both expecting/new parents and older infants (4-24 months). For more information regarding her Newborn and Infant workshops please visit http://www.rebirthwellness.ca/sleep-workshops/