At Rebirth, our professionally trained Doulas are here to support you and your partner to ensure you achieve your most desirable birth experience. Numerous studies have shown that a doulas presence at a labour and birth:

  • often results in fewer complications

  • reduces the need for pitocin, an assisted delivery, and cesarean sections

  • reduces the request for an epidural, and narcotic pain management options

  • reduces negative feelings about one's experience

  • increases breastfeeding success and longevity

  • increases the family's feelings of self-confidence

  • increases feelings of security

  • decreases likelihood of postpartum depression

Your doula experience will begin with a no cost, no obligation consultation (30 minutes in length).

Services and Rates

  • Birth Doula Package: 2 prenatal visits, birth, and 2 postnatal visits - $875 + hst.

  • Note on Payment Planing: We require a $250 deposit when you sign your contract as a retainer fee, and then the remaining amount is due 2-weeks before your due date. You can divide the remaining balance into 3 payments done monthly ($246.25 for each payment), or you can pay the remaining all at once. You will discuss the payment options with your doula when you sign your contract.

All of Rebirth's Doulas are professionally trained, and as such, their services may be covered under your private health insurance plans. 

Appointment Booking

  • To book your initial consultation online, look under Appointments, and then Doula Services, and click Free Initial Consultation. You will see the names of the doulas listed there for who to book with.

  • You can call or email us too at 226.663.3243 or email

Once you have decided which Doula will be supporting you, you will receive the following care:

Two prenatal consultations in your home (approximately 1.5 hours each) to discuss:

  • Your pregnancy and anticipation of the birth

  • Your preferences for your birth experience

  • Helpful information & resources

  • Anything else that you feel you want to talk about before your anticipated due date

Ongoing Support During Pregnancy

  • Reference material and resources when/as you need them.

  • Ongoing availability by phone and email for any questions or follow-up.

  • Your doula is on call for you 24/7, starting 2 weeks before your estimated due date, and up until your baby is born.

Support During Your Labour & Birth

  • From the time you would like your doula to be there (meet at home or at the hospital)

  • Throughout labour and approximately 1.5-2 hours after birth

  • Assist your partner in supporting you and protecting your space.

  • Your doula is your constant source of support, information, and advocacy -there to help you have the most empowering and blissful birth experience

Two Postnatal Visit in Your Home (within the first few days following birth)

  • Providing info and solidify your circle of support as you adjust to life with your beautiful new baby

  • Process the birth experience

  • Breastfeeding support

What is a Doula?

The word "doula" comes from ancient Greek, meaning "a woman who serves", and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical (non-medical), emotional, and informational support to parents-to-be before, during, and following birth. As Doulas, we are honoured and thankful to families who allow us to support them during this monumental life moment. We work to ensure that each family we serve feels educated about their birthing experience and options, allowing them to feel empowered as their families grows. We encourage you to be an active participant, not a passive one, in your birthing experience, therefore however your birthing turned out, the things that happened and the decisions that were made were done so with your knowledge and consent

We help you to find the joy, peace, calm, and happiness in labour and birth. We assist you in working through fears, worries, negativity, and stress. We provide encouragement and emotional and mental support whenever and however often you need it. We provide physical, hands on comfort measures as much as possible for every stage of labour in which we are present. Finally, we provide in-home support for Parent(s) and Baby, as you adjust to one of life's greatest transitions

Meet Our Birth Doulas

Alexandra Hall, R.N., Naturopathic Doula, ND medical student, Yoga Instructor


As a Naturopathic Doula, I have received specialized training in childbirth and prenatal care. Pregnancy and childbirth is such a special, sacred period of time. There is so much change going on both physically, mentally, and also spiritually as an expecting mother prepares to bring another precious life into this world. Thus, there can be so many different emotions experienced and so my goal is to be able to provide nurturing support during this amazing but often confusing time!  I am currently able to offer traditional doula services as well as a few select naturopathic treatment modalities. I am currently halfway through my naturopathic medical school training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and upon program completion in another two years, I will happily be able to provide the full spectrum of services offered by a licensed naturopathic doctor and certified naturopathic doula during preconception, prenatal and the postpartum period. I currently offer lifestyle and nutritional counselling and childbirth education with my naturopathic doula services. I am also a registered nurse with experience working in labour and delivery and postpartum care obtained during my time at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa during my nursing training at the University of Ottawa. I have lived in London for four years now and have been a part of the London Health Sciences Centre Cardiac Care Program so I like to say that I wear many hats in health care! With that said, I am able to provide information from both a conventional and alternative point of view with the sole purpose of simply allowing my clients to make their own informed decisions. My priority is to simply be present and attentive to the needs of the expecting mama and her birth partner. My deepest and ever growing passion is certainly maternal health and so my ultimate goal is to empower and support women through the natural process of childbirth and help women build confidence and trust in themselves. Although I am still learning, I put my heart into everything that I do and I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to create a positive rebirth experience for all of you strong and capable women!

Keri Patterson, Full Spectrum Doula, & Childbirth Educator


(Keri will be accepting birth clients for mid-Oct and is booked for Nov. She will be accepting new clients in Dec.) I was inspired to become a doula after learning of the invaluable support and transformative experience that close friends had with their doula during labour and postpartum, and I’m thrilled to have found my passion in this work. I work collaboratively with care providers, partners and families to help foster a supportive and informed team. As a Full Spectrum Doula, I extend the doula model of care to people across the reproductive spectrum, including pregnancy, birth, fertility, abortion, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth, and postpartum. I am a trained professional and graduate of Fanshawe College’s Doula Studies Program and can provide emotional, physical and informational support that is individually tailored to fit the unique needs of each client.

Additionally, I believe that my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and previous professional experience with working front line at a counselling agency has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation to the diversity and resiliency of individuals and has fuelled my commitment to build a practice of compassionate care, autonomy and respect. When I’m not supporting individuals and families, I’m most likely to be found hiking (hiking all of Canada’s National Parks is a bucket list item of mine!), listening to 80’s music, playing board games with friends and family and eating copious amounts of guacamole.