Experience love, joy & confidence in your breastfeeding relationship right from the start. Take a prenatal breastfeeding class with us at anytime in your pregnancy. 

You get 120 minutes of online learning, divided into small, manageable pieces that you can view anytime.

The content is divided into three main sections, with each section designed to deliver key information to help you feel confident feeding your little one.


Section 1: Breastfeeding - The Dynamic Bond

  • Why breastfeeding is important and how it is different from other methods of feeding
  • Some of the many advantages to breastfeeding
  • How to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship right from the beginning

Section 2: The Mechanics

  • How breastfeeding works
  • How to get the best latch possible
  • Positioning
  • Discomfort during nursing “nipple pain”

Section 3: Learning to Listen & Trusting Our Baby

  • Are they hungry
  • Are the drinking at the breast
  • Are they satisfied
  • Cluster feeding periods

The very last video is your confidence boost!

Our 120-minute course includes the following:

FREE VIDEO - Introduction & Overview of Course - Join Rebecca Robertson, Breastfeeding Counsellor

  1. The Dynamic Bond
  2. Your Birth is Important & Skin-to-Skin
  3. How breastfeeding works, the best way to make more milk
  4. How Birth Practices Affect Breastfeeding
  5. Discomfort with Breastfeeding & Laid-Back Nursing
  6. Learning Early Cues & Late Cues of a Hungry Baby
  7. Sigs Breastfeeding is Going Well
  8. The Read Deal with Pumping - Milk Expression & Storage
  9. Affirmation - This Shit is Hard, But You Got This!

Rebecca Robertson

Breastfeeding Counsellor, Birth & Post Partum Doula, & Childbirth Educator

Rebecca - Headshot Sept 2017.png

I am a birth advocate, a breastfeeding educator, and especially an advocate for mothers and the choices they make. As a doula my main role is to support mothers and partners to ensure a satisfying and positive birth experience. I am trained in providing emotional and spiritual support, as well as physical comfort during labor. I completed a DONA training course in 2009 and it sparked my love for supporting laboring women. Since then I have been inspired to continue my learning to provide the best support I can with additional studies in lactation and natural medicine. Some of the things in my tool kit include massage, acupressure, and items to help with visualization and relaxation.  I am trained in different stretches and birthing positions to improve pain tolerance and pushing efficacy, as well I give lots of encouragement! In 2012 I enrolled in a Lactation Medicine Program at the Centre for Breastfeeding Education. There I was instilled with this goal "To enable the mother to manage her own breastfeeding experience, so she will be empowered to achieve her own breastfeeding goals." I accumulated over 90 hours in lactation specific education, as well as hours in observation at their breastfeeding clinic. Since that time I have been supporting new moms as they transition to motherhood and begin the breastfeeding relationship. During my time studying Naturopathic medicine, I was fortunate to expand on my knowledge on lactation medicine as well as how naturopathic medicine can play a role in the perinatal care of women and their new babes. I am passionate about my job, and I bring lots of enthusiasm and love for what I do.