The Top 5 Foods to Make More Milk

Isn't it amazing how quickly the boob obsession can take over your life as a new parent? Am I making enough? Did they drink enough? Is the milk good enough? Are they getting the hind milk? What is hind milk?….? Thats the thing about breast/chest-feeding, it’s a little unnerving not knowing how much your baby is drinking. But here's the thing about that thing (too many things?), you don't need to measure the volume of breastmilk your baby is drinking to know if they are getting enough. The key is to look and listen to what your baby is telling you.

Look and listen to baby.png

Revolutionary thinking, I know.

When you are able to look and listen to your baby, and decode what it is that they are telling you, you learn so much.  If you are struggling to decode the mysterious signals your baby is sending in relation to hunger, drinking and satiety then let's chat in person. Once you have someone guide you to see the simple cues baby sends, it can change how you feel!

Also, I have a confession.  I have you here under a ruse...I've mislead you to believe that we are going to talk about how to increase your milk supply through food. And we WILL get to that...but first let me say this: the NUMBER ONE way to increase milk supply is to have a great latch, with baby draining the breast well.

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If your baby is latching well (big wide mouth, asymmetric on the breast, full tongue mobility), and able to drain the breast well, this will be the absolute *best* way to continue to produce the milk that your baby needs. It is supply and demand, if your body gets a strong signal to make more milk, it will!

Sometimes the stars don’t alight for this process to run smoothly right from the beginning, and that is ok-and completely normal. But getting you back on track is without a doubt the best way to make more milk. Sometimes other factors, like mood, sleep and breast-chest feeding parent nutrient, come into play as well. Please, if you are struggling reach out, use your community, we want to support you.

So, if you are reading this because you are struggling to produce enough milk for your babe, or your babe is gaining "slowly" then the number one way to boost that milk production is to consult a lactation consultant or breastfeeding professional. If you have and are still struggling, then see someone else.  The guidance you get can be invaluable for your breast/chest-feeding journey. There are so many ways that we can adjust latch and change breastmilk intake to help your baby and our body communicate effectively to get those mammary glands Rockin' and Rollin'.

Milk Boosting Foods

If the number one way to increase milk is to have a great latch, then what's the deal with milk boosting foods and teas?

Milk boosting foods are foods that will slightly increase the amount of water that is circulated to the mammary tissue.  When these foods do this it provides more water for your body to use to make milk. Being well hydrated is important for the galactogenisis process. These foods are high in protein, iron and B-vitamins, which provides some of the important building blocks for galactogenesis to occur, as well as supporting recovery in the post part period, and supporting overall wellness. Increased food intake and milk production go hand in hand. It is important to eat when hungry and drink when thirsty.

Having said all this, if you are looking for the top 5 foods to *support* the milk making process then here they are:

Adding these foods into your diet as a part of a healthy diet can help support the milk making process. And thereby slightly increase the amount of milk you make. Some breast/chest-feeding parents respond incredibly well and drastically increase production, others not so much. A simple way to add these to your diet is to start your day with a bowl of oatmeal, a handful of almonds, a spoonful of flax meal and Brewers yeast sprinkled on top, and a big glass of water.  For a more involved recipe here is my favourite Lactation smoothie recipe.

If you give it a try let me know what you think, or if you have any other questions send them my way. And as always, Nurse on!


References: Compr Physiol. 2015 Jan;5(1):255-91.

Rebecca Robertson, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Doula, Childbirth Educator

I am a birth advocate, a breastfeeding educator, and especially an advocate for mothers and the choices they make. As a doula my main role is to support mothers and partners to ensure a satisfying and positive birth experience. I am trained in providing emotional and spiritual support, as well as physical comfort during labor. I completed a DONA training course in 2009 and it sparked my love for supporting laboring women. Since then I have been inspired to continue my learning to provide the best support I can with additional studies in lactation and natural medicine. Some of the things in my tool kit include massage, acupressure, and items to help with visualization and relaxation.  I am trained in different stretches and birthing positions to improve pain tolerance and pushing efficacy, as well I give lots of encouragement! In 2012 I enrolled in a Lactation Medicine Program at the Centre for Breastfeeding Education. There I was instilled with this goal "To enable the mother to manage her own breastfeeding experience, so she will be empowered to achieve her own breastfeeding goals." I accumulated over 90 hours in lactation specific education, as well as hours in observation at their breastfeeding clinic. Since that time I have been supporting new moms as they transition to motherhood and begin the breastfeeding relationship. During my time studying Naturopathic medicine, I was fortunate to expand on my knowledge on lactation medicine as well as how naturopathic medicine can play a role in the perinatal care of women and their new babes. I am passionate about my job, and I bring lots of enthusiasm and love for what I do.  

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