Finding Yourself In Motherhood

Find Yourself in Motherhood.png

You have just had a baby... you are beginning the beautiful journey of motherhood. This new life depends on you for feedings, sleeping, changing, stimulation, teachings and most importantly love. You...They are counting on YOU! You are their mother and while this can be an incredible role it  can also be overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. Here's the thing though, they chose YOU so they already know you've got this. I believe in order to feel successful in this new role of "mom" there is one very important thing you must do before you begin the list of everything baby will need... you need to give yourself a little love.

YOUR Self Care is what your baby will need from you. This can look like so many things... taking a shower AND BLOW DRYING your hair (crazy right?), treating yourself to that deserved Starbucks Frappuccino, scheduling YOUR nap, joining a mom and baby group, treating yourself to a postnatal outfit or even a haircut, gliding on some lip gloss (I still cant believe how this small step just made me feel a little more like me some days!), just simply getting out of the house to stroll the aisles of Winners or taking a walk in the park... and my favourite form of self care is to break a sweat.

Greatest gifts of having a baby.png

While thinking about which form of self care suits you best, please keep in mind, one of the greatest gifts of having a baby is how your life slows down. Enjoy those quiet moments and laid back mornings to lounge around with your baby as much as you’d like. Soak up these precious minutes, hours and days with your baby and let yourself rest, connect and be present.

I want to expand a little further into my favourite form of self care... exercise (with lip gloss to boot!). When I began my postnatal fitness journey, it stemmed from just wanting to "look good" and I quickly discovered it was deeper than that. Exercise not only released endorphins (I was now really enjoying my time out of the house with my baby) but it allowed me to meet other moms who became a HUGE support in my journey of motherhood- it revived my soul. Spending those 90 minutes in the morning focused on me... (can you believe it... an entire 90 minutes?!)  it changed everything for me. My sleep deprived body was filled with so much energy than I thought possible to be able to care for my baby for the rest of the day. This self care was also serving a purpose to show my baby that I do in fact love me too. How incredible to be able to show your young baby the importance of self love and taking care of the one place you have to live, your body. Yes, I was physically strengthening my arms, legs, back and core but I was also strengthening my mind and heart.

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I look forward to every morning of Stroller Bootcamp with other mothers to not only help showcase how strong their postnatal bodies are but I love create a sense of community, a safe community. To surround yourself with other women, encouraging and helping one another has been wonderful for everyone involved. You can bring anything to these workouts...Your frustration, your excitement and most importantly you can bring your story.

Its behind these powerful moments of self care during Stroller Bootcamp when I see a baby look up at their sweat covered mom and just smile... because you're all they need... so please take care of you.

-Cas Mailman