Burritos, Balance and Bananas - How To Stay Sane On The Nutrition Train

This blog post is not your typical guide. Are you ready for your Nutritionist and Yoga teacher to tell you your how-to’s for the week? Or, your 5-step program to elation? Well sorry, this is not that kind of guide or post. It is one of listening to yourself. It is a guide to eating healthy, but also a guide to throwing in the towel shamelessly eating a burrito in bed with nothing but a T-shirt and underwear on while binge watching Grace and Frankie. (If you haven’t seen this show yet, you must!)

Yes, I am a Nutritionist and a Yoga teacher. There are so many ways I can guide you. I can provide you with a 10-step plan of how to stay healthy after having a baby, and I can tell you the best way to fuel for a triathlon. I can also tell you to take 3-5 deep slow breaths before dealing with a screaming child while another one is sucking at your boob, or which crystal to choose for a calming effect in your kitchen. But, I’m not going to do that this time. 

For me personally, it is summer and I am throwing in the towel. I take that back – I am throwing the towel down at the beach - like a boss. I am being realistic in realizing when to let the nutrition $%!+ go. Sometimes, it is just not the time. It is not the time to do a cleanse. It is not the time to beat yourself up over having a beer. It is not the time to count calories, and it is not the time to inflict judgement on myself or anyone else for choosing that option. 

Yes, I completely condone eating a healthy diet, but I do not condone depriving yourself of your summer, your memories, travels and ultimately your joy. Choose to lean towards joy. Pick up those moments on a family road trip where the ice cream stops are the ones to remember, not the guilt after. Do it with intention, fully embrace the moment, but without judgement. When you do this, you will notice something - pure bliss joy and happiness in letting go. 

So where does the balance come in if I am telling you to eat ice-cream, binge watch TV, and ultimately abandon your secret plan of looking like a Victoria’s Secret model (this is the year it will finally happen, right?!)? I find that after a day, week or even a month of indulgence, I want back. Back to the banana’s, protein shakes, salads, quinoa and even kale. I get to have my moments of bliss, but then my body shakes me silly, tells me what I need, and that is when I listen. I find my way back to my body by getting quiet. Closing my eyes, taking those 3-5 breaths, and actually being in my body, I can literally feel when it is time to shift and I crave it. 

We are in a constant ebb and flow. Nothing is constant in this life - the only constant really is change. Relationships change, bodies change, jobs change, and I am sure there are many things I am missing that also change. Unless we can literally ‘go with the flow,’ WE won’t change. There will be no growth spiritually, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally or any other way. Embrace the place you are currently in. Sometimes we are eating burrito’s and sometimes we are eating banana’s. One will always bring us to the other and back again. 

My official and professional advice for right now – do the bare minimum and give yourself a friggin high-five. Do what you can. If you got out of bed in the morning – high five. If you had a glass of water today – high five. If you didn’t eat pizza today – high five. See where I am getting at here? Everyone gets a high five, because that’s just where you are at, and it is perfect. You know where you need to go next and well. 

Hearts and High-Fives y’all. 

- Martina