Dr. Natalia Ytsma {Naturopathic Doctor}  offers a weekly acupuncture clinic. The goal of the clinic is to offer more affordable acupuncture + share in the benefits of community energy {Qi -chee}. The scientifically proven benefits of acupuncture include improved hormone health, digestive health, fertility, emotional health, pain relief, inflammation reduction, improved performance, stress reduction, improved nerve conduction, as well as improved organ function - to name a few!

If you're 36 weeks or later, please book a Late Pregnancy Appointment. 

Acupuncture Clinic TImes

  • Wednesdays 5:15 to 8:00 pm
  • Thursdays 1:00 to 4:00 pm


  • Acupuncture Treatment (30 minutes) - $49

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Appointment Booking

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ytsma please call Rebirth at 226-663-3243 and we will be happy to assist you.  Or you can view appointment availability and book online.

Click on the "Book Now" button below to search our appointment schedule and book your appointment. You will be taken to Mindbody, our appointment & class booking system.  If it's your first time on the Mindbody site, you will be asked to log-in by creating a username and profile. 

If you're on your phone, it's easier to book online by downloading the Mindbody App using the "Get Mindbody" button below.


Common Health Concerns

Acupuncture can relax you, reduce pain, improve your digestion, energize you, and help you avoid illness.  Acupuncture can treat the following conditions: addictions, anxiety and stress, allergies, coughs and colds, depression, digestive issues, headaches and migraines, high-blood pressure, insomnia, lower back pain, menopausal symptoms, menstrual problems, morning sickness, muscle or joint pain, and side-effects of medications.

Acupuncture Clinic FAQs

  1. I've never had acupuncture done before, can I still come to this clinic? Dr. Ytsma prefers that new patients book an Initial Naturopathic Appointment prior to attending a clinic. Once that initial appointment has been completed you can book into your doctor's regular hours or their assigned clinic.  
  2. Do I need to book an appointment, or do I drop-in? The acupuncture clinic is by appointment.  Please call us at 226-663-3243 to book an appointment.  Or book your appointment online by choosing the Doctor's name and then click on the Find an Appointment button, and then check the Acupuncture Clinic from the list. You can also call the day of the clinic to see if there are any openings.
  3. How long is a treatment? Your appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.
  4. What happens during a treatment? Dr. Ytsma will do a tongue and pulse diagnosis, followed by acupuncture.  Acupuncture involves the placement of needles in specific points on your body, which corresponds with the health concerns being addressed. The medical grade needles used in acupuncture are then, strong, and sterile.  Most patients do not experience pain when the acupuncture needles are inserted.  A mild sensation may be felt, depending on the person and the acupuncture points targeted. Acupuncture is effective, non-invasive, and does not interact with herbs or medications.
  5. Can I book into the other ND's Acupuncture Clinic? We ask that you try to book in with your doctor's clinic or call the office or speak with your doctor directly if special situations arise.
  6. Why do acupuncture in a group setting? It makes acupuncture more affordable.  You also share Qi with others in the group, so it makes your treatment better.
  7. Who is acupuncture for? Acupuncture can be used for all ages.  It’s especially great for moms who have post-partum depression, and for moms preparing for birth.
  8. What should I wear? Wear loose clothing.  The areas that need to be accessible will be your lower legs and arms, just past the knees and elbows.